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In the spirit of the מחאה

La Rage du Peuple by Keny Arkana

something’s happening
YES. my fav drug starts with H.

And i thought it was alcohol.



ok so i have a beards
1 train, 3 planes, 5 random security checks, 3 nowhere passport controls, 3 lounges, 1 balsamic spillage, and so much beer and brandy later - im ready to pray. שלום חבר ים
This london thing is very much fun but why is everyone too cool to breath, and why is iא inhabited and run by uber thick tarts?

Phone rings with unknown number;
Lizzie doesnt want to pick up;
Me: hello.
Phone: Hello, this is the O2 customerservice blah something. Is this ***Lizzie***? If so please click 1, if not, please click 2.
Me: 2.
Phone: could ***Lizzie*** come to the phone? If so please click 1, if not
Me: loling and… Click end.


How do you say ‘it was a fun night’ in inglitch?





and flickrings.
what happened 😢
Lost about a week of blogging because of (sql while drunk). =A


a deer & an owl

In other news, ill be visiting israel soon!

inqDrops web squat:
tales from the crypt
turns out the bighouse in germany has really nice mattresses. of the best i’ve ever tried.

i was just standing in front of this sign, admiring its wordly-non-meaningfulness, when out the bushes jump three bear teams and slam me down.

they took me in and put me in a cage and after a couple of minutes, a strange german doctor [who looks a bit more like a ghost with the 50s bag he was carrying around] was slothing himself next to my bars and asked me if i wanted blood. it sounded a bit sketchy so i said no.

i went to my room where i met 3 snoring gentlemen, they made sure to snore at different times as if to make it harder to fall asleep.
one of them, the scariest of the bunch, was missing a finger, and kept waving his hand above his head while snoring.

finally, i slept.
i had great dreams; of a bear-sized dog who kept moving my hair away from my face, claiming “it looks better this way”,
of a girl who stole my pancake-hamburger and then fell in love with me,
of non snoring inmates.

when i woke my eyes were bleeding and one of my socks were missing. i told the guards but they didnt care.

i told them i was a jew and they proceeded to throw the keys on the ground and run away.

gypsy tunes – recorded mix
babies with rabies
these are a million years old.

actually, they are the oldest pictures of japan to date. taken by random foreigners in the last 200 years or so.
times they are a changin’

i know i’ve been neglecting this blog. im sorry, but its only because i dont care.

also, i’ve been in jail for about a week [had my skype connected so mom and dad wont get mad].
i won just under 300,000€ in some kind of japanese lottery, but since im not 100% japanese, im not allowed to collect the reward. i was a little drunk and got mad and punched the guy who told me that, which turned out to be a cop.. ..jus kidding, he was a farmer.
anyway, ill have to leave soon.

here’s something for the road.

upload shhhhh