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A Ten mintues mix “love chimes”

SAFAM @ 106FM Kol Hakampus
i was playing some tunes on 106fm last night with the amazingly rocking Gal Roditty.
here it is if you wanna take a listen…..

EDITed to hold only the the second hour, with mostly amazing female singers.

SAFAM guest appearance - The Mustache W/ Gal Roditty on Kol HaKampus by A Deer on Mixcloud

YES. my fav drug starts with H.

And i thought it was alcohol.



EJC ×¢×’'”×›
i used to have massive oldies archives of different performances/recordings of same songs.. a bit obsessive but i love listening to that differences in each of them.

Einav Jackson Cohen entered my life suddenly one day’s night. i stumbled into her show in telaviv; the kind of show they drag out their grand piano for..
It didnt take long to fall in love and now we high-five every wednesday in the park.
Einav sings in hebrew, and does finger ballet with music.

this is Einav with another great israeli pianest poet man called Shlomi Shaban, doing their version of the song he translated and used to play [and of which i got a bootleg from a lovely lady], originally by Bob Dylan: Mama, you’ve been on my mind.
look at her beautiful fro sway.

here’s also Jeff Buckly’s verion, just for same measure.

thats all i wanted to say.
gypsy tunes – recorded mix
this is oldschool and dedicated to Beck.

חלוצי החלל מציגים ש”ס פריסטייל בוטלג by queue-b
tune alley: darqness

Blaqfun - Travel Set Nu#1 by Doq on Mixcloud

i only accept bad criticism.