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A Ten mintues mix “love chimes”

SAFAM @ 106FM Kol Hakampus
i was playing some tunes on 106fm last night with the amazingly rocking Gal Roditty.
here it is if you wanna take a listen…..

EDITed to hold only the the second hour, with mostly amazing female singers.

SAFAM guest appearance - The Mustache W/ Gal Roditty on Kol HaKampus by A Deer on Mixcloud

Tune! PLD&OTG : Special Delivery

My boys Peled & Ortega once had a tight rap duo thing going.   That thing ended a while ago and they’ve been working solo since.  They had a lot of stuff down but wouldnt release a second album together.

The great Ori [Slaughter] Shochat pushed them a bit more, and now, they have a full new album!!
And this one rocks HARD. so many guests and soooo happy to hear the INCREDIBLE Noa Faran in the intro!
Ever since they started, there were tunes i liked more and tunes i liked less, but im having a tough time less liking anything out of this album..  buy/listen here.

if you dont speak hebrew this might be a little tough for you.  but than again, it might be even if you do!
BANDCAMP - http://peledandortega.bandcamp.com/album